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Delta-Seal provides maximum corrosion protection
without compromising high strength fastener properties.
Developed in Germany by Dorken for the European auto industry, Delta-Seal is a ‘green’ technology surface treatment for use in demanding conditions and meets standards limiting anti-corrosive’s containing hexavalent chromium.
Two Part MKS System:

Delta-Protekt KL100 is a base coat made from zinc and aluminum flakes which adhere to one another by a bonding agent. The “Barriere effect” yields excellent corrosion protection..

Delta-Seal GZ is a top coat providing chemical resistance with an integrated lubricant.


  • Excellent corrosion protection for high strength materials
  • Reduced bi-metallic reaction
  • Much stronger application strength than stainless
  • No hydrogen embrittlement as occurs with stainless
  • No carbon component to blemish as with 410 stainless
  • Particularly suitable for drill type deck screws
  • Hardware will not “snap” or break apart over time
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Organic, highly cross-linked epoxy system with inorganic micro-layer, protects against chemicals such as acids, alkalines, cleaners, & petrol
Delta MKS by Dorken – For perfect Results

Aesthetics combined with Function at an Affordable cost.

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