A premium engineered, attractive, and durable Extruded Canopy system
  • Supports Concentrated Loads
  • Rigid extruded material not damaged by hail
  • Withstands Hurricane Force Winds
  • Integrated Frame provides function of support beam, trim fascia, and gutter
  • Overhead Rod or Attached / Freestanding Post Support
  • Standard 1 foot Extruded upper / lower pattern or Sturdiflat Extruded Decking
  • Standard in Anodized and Bronze with optional coatings and custom colors available
Material in-stock and ready to fabricate.



Featuring Mechanically Fastened Bents for strength and durability.

Go With TrueFit Construction,
for true, plumb, and level fit on-site!
Mechanically Fastened Advantages: On-site assembly provides lower transportation and handling costs. More flexibility for modifications on the job site. Less costly than large pre-welded sections.