SUPERDECK Extruded Flat Soffit Decking

Model: R578
Extruded flat decking for SUPERDECK. Features Tru-Lock design and industry leading 0.10 inch thickness for durability and strength. Taller vertical section than the competition for added span capability and weight bearing. Provides a smooth, flat finish to bottom visible side of roof decking.
6″W x 2.955″H

Thickness & Alloy:
0.10″ 6063 T6 Aluminum
Decking shall be extruded flat style by Rusco Custom Canopies, Model R578, having dimensions 6″ W by 2.955″ H, of 6063 T6 aluminum, and shall be capable of mounting in model R524 integrated frame. Finish shall be anodized or coating spray applied in a controlled environment.

Standard Finishes:
Clear Anodized (Class I AA-M10C22A41 or Class II AA-M10C22A31) AAMA 611 (607.1)
(New acid-etch environmentally friendly process)

Medium Bronze AAMA 2603 Enamel / PVDF Kynar/Hylar

Any color matched to preference is available for a setup cost.
High Performance AAMA 2604 (1.2 mils) and 2605 (1.2mils) Kynar coatings are available for quotation.